Why haven’t you written your book yet?

We all have those tasks in life that come easily and those that don’t. And we have activities we’re passionate about and some we’re lukewarm on. But if you want to write your book, you have to be passionate enough about it to overcome whatever stands in your way—whether it comes easily or not.

See if you relate to some of these common reasons (or excuses) aspiring authors have for not writing their book:

  1. I don’t know how to start or what to write about. I often find new book coaching clients tell me they have plenty of knowledge and experience but don’t know if their subject matter is good enough or unique enough.
  2. I don’t know if I’m a good enough writer. Many first-time authors are not seasoned writers; however the only way to improve is to write. The more you write, the better you’ll get. And your book editor will polish your book anyway!
  3. just can’t find the time. Not enough time, too many distractions, juggling priorities…we all have these lurking in our day tearing us in many directions. Yet we make time for what’s important and learn to tune out the distractions. When I coach authors through the book writing process, I hold them accountable, and they do much better staying the course.

I define reasons or excuses as INTERNAL or EXTERNAL.

Not having confidence in your writing ability or feeling that writing is an effort are internal reasons or challenges. Another might be that you’re afraid you won’t sell your book. You don’t know how to market so who’s going to find out about it? Another one is that you don’t think you have anything new to contribute to your subject. There are already so many books out there on your subject, why write another? 

Not finding the time or knowing how to write a book are external challenges. Typical distractions like emails, phone calls, family members, pets, neighbors, laundry, other people’s needs and higher priorities are all external. Can you relate to any of these? 

So what excuses do you have as to why you’re not writing or completing your book?

Here are some ways to overcome these:

  1. To deal with internal ones, make a list of what’s stopping you from writing your book and either journal about them to find the truth or work with another writer or a writing coach.
  2. To gain confidence in your subject matter, do research on your topic in terms of popularity, competition, size of market—and acknowledge your status as an expert.
  3. To get started on your book, consider working with a book coach, ghostwriter, or copy editor who can write your book for you, critique your writing and point out your strengths and weaknesses, or edit your manuscript and help you improve your writing.
  4. As for the external excuses, turn off the speakers on your computer so you don’t hear emails coming in, tell people you’re not to be disturbed during certain hours, and limit your time playing computer games!
  5. Set up a schedule to create the time to write. Find an accountability partner to hold you to your schedule. 
  6. Talk to another writer or a book coach to discuss solutions to some of your excuses and challenges (inner ones like fear and outer ones like other priorities). 
  7. Get in touch with your reason for writing—your big WHY—so you’ll be committed to continue the journey to the end.

I want you to succeed! I want you to write and publish your book! Do what you need to do to get started writing your book NOW! If you uncover your obstacles/ challenges/ excuses, you have a much better chance of overcoming them.

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