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nina cicolo

Nina has been a fashion designer for over 15 years, with a background in traditional fashion education. She specializes in pattern making and offers impeccable fits and clean finishings on all of her designs. Coming from São Paulo, the megalopolis of Brazil, this designer takes the vibrant, passionate, and energetic culture of her hometown and blends it seamlessly with the young, fresh, and easygoing nature of San Diego, creating a truly unique style to reflect her experience with both worlds. An artistic play on paradoxes is one of the most striking features of her designs. Rigid, yet fluid. Bold, yet playful. Modern, while still feminine. All of which mix together into a fun nightlife atmosphere. Nina believes art to be alive, and that clothes are alive. A reflection of each person shines through in her outfits. They reimagine and transform her garments to create a beautiful story cut from the same cloth and still be unique in every way.

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