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My fascination with the power of the human mind began over 20 years ago.

I grew up in Poland, in times of communism, where I experienced limitations rather than opportunities, scarcity rather than prosperity, and hopelessness rather than hope.

I then saw first hand how the power of mindset can install hope, shift perspective, and move an entire nation towards taking peaceful and productive action towards creating a better life.

Later on, as a co-founder of an American franchise brand, I had the privilege of helping dozens of people build their American Dream – their own business.

I know that it’s possible to release self-doubt, step into your power, and reinvent your life! How do I know it? Because I’ve done it myself.

Growing up in a family of extraordinary coaches, and after years of studying philosophy, coaching is in my blood.

In my early twenties, I became a certified “Supermind” Trainer, teaching people how to harvest the power of the neuroscience and boost their performance using the latest memory enhancement techniques and speed-reading tactics. I continued to deepen my knowledge of the brain and study various transformation modalities.

Today, I am a quantum mindset coach and speaker for those ready to break through the ceiling of their success, powerfully deal with rapid change, and step into their purpose using neuroscience-based tools, all while leaving the rat race behind. I am a Certified Mindset and Prosperity Coach, and soon to be a Trauma Coach and a Spiritual Coach..

Most importantly, I am the founder of Life Unleashed with Malvina where my mission is to guide you to BREAKTHROUGH your limiting beliefs, step into your purpose, and unleash your greatest potential!

My programs are designed to help you flip on your success switch. and live your best life!

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