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Ms. Buettner has studied at several of the most prestigious art schools in the Northeast including: Rhode Island School of Design, The New York Art Students’ League, the Paier College of Art in Connecticut, and the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States and Canada, and is in collections worldwide.

Summering on the East Coast on Martha’s Vineyard Island, Ms. Buettner’s work quickly became known and collected by local residents and returning island guests. Most originals were sold while still on her easel. To keep up with demand, she created a complete product line including limited edition prints, greeting cards with gift magnet, art magnets, post cards, photo magnet frames, calendars, notebooks, folders and photo albums. The publishing company that licensed her designs flew her to China to do an art signing at the Canton World Trade Show.

Enthusiastically sharing her knowledge, she has taught all levels of art to both beginners and adults for the past thirty years. She created and taught a very successful after school art program for kids for over ten years as well. Private art lessons are now available in her home studio in Carlsbad, CA.

After devoting the last twenty years to painting scenes ranging from realistic to impressionistic, Ms. Buettner is venturing out with her accomplished techniques and abilities, into the exciting and unusual world of intuitive expression. Letting go of conscious thoughts, an exciting, creative and sensual world emerges to be shared with the viewer. This work has been coined “Neo Biomorphism”. Her work has been used on many different commercial projects including the Nash Bridges TV Show and the TV movie Diary of a Mad Housewife.

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