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The influence of my work today
My art today isn’t what it always has been. When I began teaching myself watercolors, I devoured every book I could find. Books on light, shadow, people, texture, as well as what other artists were doing with various techniques and styles. I set out on a path exploring realism as a style. I found that I enjoyed doing animals and flowers, especially flowers. I became very adept with the style but didn’t feel like my work had a voice.

It was at this time that my life was experiencing some turmoil and I completely lost the ability to focus on those details. My husband was sick and I was losing my house.

One day, I needed my art, my anxiety and frustration were through the roof. I threw water on my paper and then dropped pigment into the pool and watched it blossom. As it did this, it also rolled across the paper in a stream, running into other colors along the way. Merging and melting into one another. It ended up being an abstract piece.

My finished pieces are flowing moments captured on paper and presented to you.


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