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Janet Wells
Advanced Mindset Facilitator

Janet is originally from Southern Colorado where she learned the value of hard work on her family’s ranch. She ditched the sub-zero temperatures there and graduated with a degree in Accounting and Computer Science from BYU-Hawaii.

After marrying a Navy man, whom she met on the beach at Waimea Bay, she traveled the world, living in many different places, having 4 beautiful children and currently is a grandmother to 9.

Interestingly as her marriage crumbled in 2014, she started experiencing extreme knee pain. An MRI revealed a severe tear in the right Medial Meniscus and no cartilage under that knee cap.  Every step was filled with pain. After finding no relief from pain or any reasonable solution, she stumbled upon Jenny Harkleroad, the owner of Balanced You. After only 6 sessions, she was jogging again and pain-free. This was the beginning of an incredible journey of healing.

In 2019, after receiving several certifications, and training with Jenny, Janet started working at Balanced You™ as an advanced mindset facilitator where she helps people get rid of physical and emotional pain by changing their brain.

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