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I grew up in the NY metropolitan area during a time (1950’s-1960’s) of major change.  That era and a desire to be just like Pollyanna shaped my view of the world and embedded in me a clear understanding of how important the way you visually present yourself really is.  My clothes were either hand-me-downs or what I was able to produce on my treadle Singer sewing machine. Understandably, finding my personal style began early on. In those times, if you dressed like a “protestor or hippie” you could easily find yourself being swept into that category whether or not it was your intent. “Boppers and Rah Rah’s,” the fashion you chose defined you. Fashion is a moving target, it’s like produce:  the better your selection, the longer it will last. Style, on the other hand is the most important aspect of how one visually presents themselves. The colors, textures, cuts and fit are critical aspects to making picture perfect, first and lasting impressions. Humans are visual creatures; blame it on the caveman. We “size” up one another and basically decide friend or foe in less than 30 seconds.  ​

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