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Ann Heizer is not just passionate about Fitness and Frequency; she’s a dynamic force on a mission to redefine aging!
With a remarkable 40 years as an “Aerobisaurus” and 13 years as a frequency therapist, Ann empowers individuals to conquer health challenges through the synergistic power of movement and frequency, particularly as we age.
Enter LeverAge, the ultimate functional fitness program designed from the ground up to enhance body strength, agility, and vitality at any age—no equipment required, just your fabulous body and its Unique Memory Bank of movement!
Let your body rediscover health with the quick, easy, and enjoyable LeverAge Method.
Dive into the world of frequency therapy with Ann, unlocking benefits from energy boost to accelerated healing, and most importantly, OPIOID FREE PAIN RELIEF. Ann Heizer is not just a fitness advocate; she’s a catalyst for a paradigm shift in aging, inviting you to embrace a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.
432 Edgehill Ln, Oceanside, CA 92054

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