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Valerie is a coach, healer and long-time yogi devoted to guiding highly sensitive people toward the power of peace and awareness in their everyday lives.

She expertly combines the spiritual and the practical to help you get to a space of complete mind, body and home alignment.
With her signature blend of grounded ease and vibrant inspiration, she guides her clients towards living and loving the life they’ve always dreamed of having.

After hearing the overwhelming inner call to be of service to others, Valerie left her role as a high achieving business co-owner in a bustling restaurant franchise to become the multifaceted spiritual entrepreneur she is now. She teaches all things personal development, privately and in small groups. Her students are often beginners on their healing journey, dedicated to self care and graceful evolution, while riding the ebb and flow in our endlessly changing lives. She thrives by helping others create a safe and sacred sanctuary both inside and out, find ease in their growth and evolution, and discover their true connection to the always present teacher within.

Her specialty is helping highly-sensitive, self-motivated, high-achievers take pragmatic steps to slow down, calm down and stand in their power, with ease and grace. Simplicity, clarity and practicality are vital to her work, as she seeks to bridge spirituality and everyday living, showing you how the stillness found in a simple breath can translate into greater ease and alignment in every aspect of your life.

Whether you’re a high-powered executive seeking better balance, a small business owner wanting to make your vision a reality, or a student feeling the call toward meditation and chakra work to find meaning to this life, Valerie brings a treasure trove of tools in mind, body and space transformation to radically reducing the anxiety, stress and strain that come from living a fabulous life.

Along with being a spiritual homemaker, yogi and meditation expert, she’s a published author, world traveler, dedicated scholar of the healing arts, mother of two, wife of 30 years and a lifelong student of change.

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