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Artists and Writers Exposé your Talents!

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Christine Hausserman-Abstract Mixed Media Artist
Christine Hausserman is an abstract mixed media glass artist currently living and working […]
Lynn Buettner-Custom Fine Art Paintings-Murals
Ms. Buettner has studied at several of the most prestigious art schools in the Northeast […]
Tali Lopez-Artist
About Tali Lopez Tali Lopez was born in The Bronx, New York on June 4th, 1975 and raise […]
Gideon Cohn Artist
Gideon Cohn was born in Sweden, grew up and lived on a kibbutz in Israel; and in Holland. […]
Fit to be Tied
Gather your friends, invite them to your house and create a festive time making wearable Art.
Kim Winberry-Artist
California 92075
The influence of my work today My art today isn't what it always has been. When I began t […]
Andrea Glass-CEO of WritersWay
Andrea Susan Glass is a professional nonfiction book coach and bestselling author of Your […]